Join nomads Eric Odom and John/Laura Hebard of Hebard’s Travels as they explore America’s abandoned locations in Season 1 of Ghost Town Nomads!


Square House Creative and Nomadic Life Films are excited to announce the upcoming pilot episode and maiden season of Ghost Town Nomads, a TV show that will take viewers on an adventure into America’s abandoned locations. The TV show will air on the new EPIC Nomad TV network and the pilot episode will be available on January 19th, 2018.

Ghost Town Nomads – Season 1 will be co-hosted by full time nomads Eric Odom and John/Laura Hebard. The show will travel via RV through 15+ abandoned ghost town locations across America, documenting the history behind them while depicting the real time adventure of boondocking in bizarre and off-the-beaten-path areas.

The pilot episode is being produced around the story of Glenrio on the border of Texas and New Mexico. Episode 2 covers multiple ghost towns surrounding the Tombstone Arizona area. From there production crews will film another 13 episodes for the 2018 Season 1.

This is a fascinating and wildly entertaining look at a side of America most people have no idea about,” said Eric Odom. He went on to explain how exploring these ghost towns via an RV provides an entirely different layer of exploration. “Not only are we giving viewers a close-up look at what these towns used to be vs what they are now, we’re also providing an extremely interesting ride as we travel through them in recreational vehicles. Travel that presents a wide range of challenges and side stories in and of itself.

Much of Season 1 will be filmed in tandem with production of RV Nomads – The Motion Picture, a feature length documentary that explores the full time RV movement. EPIC Nomad TV will be producing multiple episodic programs while on the road throughout 2018.

Square House Creative is aggressively setting out to present a wide range of new entertainment for nomads, travelers, RVers and adventurists. The upcoming launch of EPIC Nomad TV is designed to provide a constant flow of nomadic life related shows, movies and content all aimed at documenting adventure on the open road through premium visual entertainment.

Ghost Town Nomads is the first official show to premiere on EPIC Nomad TV.

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  • Thursday, September 28, 2017
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